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CHAIR - Jerry B. Minter, President Emeritus
Member: 1942
Fellow: 1944




CHAIR- Vivian A. Carr -Director
Member: 1973
Fellow: 1975




CHAIR - Mal Gurian,  President Emeritus
Member: 1969
Fellow: 1976
Life Member: 1998

The Banquest and Meetings committee's key duties include organizing and executive the Radio club's annual awards dinner to honor those that have achieved accomplishment deserving recognition. Securing an interesting keynote speaker is one of the most challenging assignments we have.Please contact Mal at

Committee Members: Connie Conte, June Poppele, Mercy Contreras, Rich Reichler.
Any Radio Club of America member wishing to assist and become a member of the Banquest and Meetings Committee is welcome.


CHAIR - Debra Baker Wayne, Director
Member: 1989
Fellow: 1992
The Centennial Celebration Committee is responsible for the 100th Annual Banquet and Awards Ceremony that will be a major celebration. All opinions are welcome.Contact Debra at

Committee Members: Connie Conte, Mercy Contreras, Sandra Black, Stan Reubenstein


CO-CHAIR - Joseph S. Rosenbloom Esq., Vice President/Counsel
Member: 1974
Fellow: 1978
Life Member: 1998


CO-CHAIR David E. Weisman,Vice President/Co-Counsel
Member: 1982
Fellow: 1986


CHAIR- Elaine Baugh Walsh- Director
Member: 1983
Fellow: 1990

The Finance Committee has responsibility for cost-benefit analysis of Club activities, recommendation of revenue producing activities, oversight of financial accounting, and submission of budgets.Contact Elaine at

Committee Members: Tom Amoscato, Martin Cooper, Rhett Grotzinger, Eric Stoll, David Weisman.


CHAIR - June P. Poppele-
Life and Honorary Member: 1981
Fellow: 1989

The Good & Welfare Committee was formed to give comforting support to those who may be ill or to those familites who have lost a loved one, by way of a get well card or consolence letter. We care about our members and are interested in showing out support to each one or to the member's family.



CHAIR, Kenneth A. Hoagland, Director -
Member: 1985
Fellow: 1989

Committee Members: Vivian Carr, Jerry Minter, June Poppele, David Swan



CHAIR-Stan Reubenstein, Executive Vice President
Member: 1980
Fellow: 1989
Senior Member - 1987
Life Member: 2007

The IWCE/APCO Committee Conferences committee is responsible for the planning and execution of the Radio Club breakfast held at IWCE and APCO conferences.

Committee Members: Any Radio Club of America member wishing to assist and become a member of the IWCE/APCO Conference Committee is welcome. Please contact Stan REubenstein at


CHAIR -Stan Reubenstein, Executive Vice President
Member: 1980
Senior Member: 1987
Fellow: 1989
Life Member: 2007

It is the purpose of the Long Range Planning Committee to prepare for the future activities of the RCA by making suggestions for improvements to the future operation of the club, and also to make suggestions as to the direction the committee feels the club should be heading toward for further consideration by the Executive Board. Contact Stan at

Committee Members: Tom Amoscato, Mal Gurian, Jay Kitchen, Rich Reichler, Eric Stoll


CHAIR -Sandra L. Black
Member: 1999

The Marketing Committee developes and executes policies and procedures to attract new members, donations (for scholarship funds), sponsors, speakers, and volunteers, and to build positive awareness of the RCA and its missions.Contact Sandra at

Committee Members:Rich Reichler


CHAIR- Craig Jorgensen, Director
Member: 1980
Fellow: 1984
The formal Radio Club of America’s Membership Committee is a select group of members who focus on seeking out potentially qualified individuals who share the Radio Club’s values in promoting our technology industry and expanding our vital Scholarship Fund so that we may benefit current and future generations. At the core of our values is the need to serve with honesty, dignity, and integrity and generate sufficient interest in the Club to ensure that potential members understand and embrace our belief that we need to promote the future, honor the past, and continue to expand our scholarship program to the benefit of tomorrow’s engineers and scientists and the future of our industry.

Informally, every member of the Radio Club of America is a part of the Club’s Membership Committee and each member carries the largest burden for the Club in promoting and representing our values.

Committee Members: Elaine Baugh Walsh, Vivian Carr, Mercy Contreras, Alan Leffler, Margaret Lyons, Ray Trott.



CHAIR - Raymond Minichiello P.E. WIBC, Director-
Member: 1977
Senior Member and Fellow: 1993
Life Member: 1997

Committee Members: Jerry Minter, Ted Rappaport


CHAIR - Anthony "Tony" Sabino Jr. , President Emeritus
Member: 1993
Fellow: 1997
Emai Tony at
The Nominations and Elections Committee oversees the Club's election process. The Committee is responsible for the nomination of candidates,
distribution of ballots, counting of votes and final election report.

Committee Members:Gerald "Jerry" Agliata W2GLA; Norman R. Coltri P.E., WA2UUP; Raymond Minichiello, P.E., W1BC



CHAIR - Debra Baker Wayne, Director
Member: 1989
Fellow: 1992
Email Debra at

Committee Members: Karen Clark, Mercy Contreras
Papers Review:  Tom Amoscato, Gil Houck, Jerry Minter.



CHAIR - Don Bishop- W0WO
Member: 1984
Fellow: 1988
Life Member: 1991

The Public Relations Committee communicates information about the Club, its events and members primarily to news outlets for dissemination to a mass audience in print, broadcast and electronic media. Your suggestions for news outlets that should receive information about the Club would be welcome. And don't hesitate to volunteer.Contact Don at
Committee Members: Kim M. Miyade and Sandra L. Black., Barry E. Manz, WB2TSY


CHAIR -John E. Dettra Jr.,WB4NBF, Director
Member: 1976
Fellow: 1980

The Scholarship Fund Committee oversees the requests for consideration from colleges, makes recommendations to the Board for approval and communicates with the colleges to receive the scholarship funds before and after the grants are made.

Committee Members: Bill Endres, Bob Gunther, Jay Kitchen, Stan Reubenstein, Richard Somers, Eric Stoll, Meade Sutterfield.


CHAIR -Richard J. Reichler, Director
Member: 1980
Senior Member and Fellow: 1987
Life Member: 1999
The Sections/Industry Conferences Committee develops and executes policies and procedures to 1) facilitate the formation and operation of RCA- Sections (chapters), 2) facilitate affiliations with kindred non-profit organizations, 3) conduct events and meetings (in person, via radio, by teleconference, etc.) of members and guests of the RCA at radio industry conferences and in other situations, and 4) operate RCA exhibit booths at radio industry conferences.
Contact Rich at

Committee Members: Paul Mills, Stan Reubenstein, Ray Trott.


CHAIR - Carroll L. Hollingsworth, Director
Member: 1989
Fellow: 1999
The Texas Event committee members assist in providing technical sessions at the Texas APCO conference, as well as promoting the event to the technical public safety community in Texas. In addition, the Texas Event Committee plans, promotes and executes the RCA Texas Dinner at the annual Texas APCO conference.

Committee Members: Nancy Smith, Joe Hanna, Karen Hollingsworth, Liz Maxfield, Alan Leffler..


CHAIR -Bruce McIntyre, Director
Member 1994
Fellow 1998
The website committee is committed to keeping the website updated with the Club's current and future events of interest to its Members and collecting and posting historical information related to the Club in an on going effort to honor the past. Contact Bruce at

Committee Members: Jerry Lewis, Karen Clark