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Scholarship Program

As stated in the the Club's constitution, the Club shall "provide a scholarship fund for needy and worthy students for the study of radio communications."

The Radio Club of America takes great pride in what continues to be one the finest and most successful scholarship programs in the electronics industry.

For the fiscal year ending 30 September 2007, the following organizations were granted scholarship awards:

  1. University of Texas-Austin -$2,000
    More information to follow
  2. University of California at Los Angeles(UCLA) - $3,000
    More information to follow
  3. Virginia Tech - $2,000
    More information to follow
  4. University of Cincinnati - $500
    This grant is matched by Captain Finch's daughter, Mrs. Eloise Tholen as well as Ford Motor Company
  5. Capitol College - $2,000
    More information to follow
    This grant is named in memory of Ernestine Morrisey, wife of John Morrisey
  6. Montclair State University- $2,000
    More information to follow
    This university maintains the Allen B. Dumont Television Center
  7. Polytechnic University - $2,000
    More information to follow
  8. Fairleigh Dickinson University - $1,000
    More information to follow
  9. Stevens Institute of Technology - $1,500
    This grant in memory of Patrick E. Buller


  • Foundation for Amateur Radio - 3 grants
    Diane Zimmerman, Chair

    • 3 Recipient yet to be named

A dontation was made to the Radio Club Scholarship Fund by Enterprise Wireless Association in the amount of $5,000 in honor of Martin Cooper.

Each of these organizations have proceedures in place to award 100% of the Club's grants to specific college students in need of tuition assistance.

The Radio Club Scholarship Commitee is chaired by John E. Dettra, Jr. (F), WB4NBF.